Pet Senior Care


Do you ever have that uneasy feeling: the family is talking about vacation and the sound of a suitcase can be heard dragging across the floor. The dreaded feeling takes over; what’s going to happen to me?

Being a senior can be challenging. My pet sitter knows how to soothe my nerves with her calm voice. Allison and I go back to the early days when I still had my sight. Now her Irish lilt is my guide through the darkness and she helps me navigate the dark spaces I can no longer see.

Our morning routines begin at 6 am. No lazy mornings for me anymore since Allison gives me my first shot to control my blood sugar. Everything is monitored daily, including my food and water intake. My joints are a bit stiff from arthritis, but Allison rubs my muscles to lessen the pain each and every morning. We even have a special harness to help me go up and down the stairs.

In the past, we took lovely long strolls on the trail. Now, my walks have to be modified, but Allison still allows me to experience the wonderful feeling of freedom. We visit my favorite, old stomping grounds, and I still get to enjoy my favorite trees and bushes. Occasionally, we meet our other canine buddies, and we have an improtu playtime. This gives me a chance to reminisce on my childhood puppy days. Even now, with blindness and old age, I can still detect old friends.

Sometimes on our walks we will completely stop traffic as we cross the road. Allison has a caring mindset and takes into account that I am a senior and have earned my right of passage to cross the road in my old good time. It makes me happy to know that I am a priority.

Allison comes to visit me six times a day between 6 am and 6 pm. My favorite time of the day is at 3 pm. I get the best treat ever, a mini tub of ice cream! This ensures that my blood sugar remains constant. My diabetes is well under control. After my automatic feeder drops my food at 6 pm, I get my second shot of the day. Allison is a pro and has that down to a fine art, so I feel no pain at all. The evening shift then begins.

Each evening Allison and I have a doggy sleepover. It’s so much fun!! We sit and talk together into the late hours of the night. Allison snuggles me and gives me the best belly rubs any dog could ever wish for. At night, I sometimes have dreams that make me restless. Allison can tell if I am in distress, and she can break the cycle of a bad dream by gently stroking my ears. She also remains by my side all night. I keep a watchful eye on her as well while she sleeps. Allison never stays far which makes me feel extremely safe.

Each day Allison keeps in touch with my mom and dad with pictures and updates. Boy does Allison make me look good, a handsome boy, even at my age. My family can rest assure that I am in safe hands with Irish Rover!

Phone: 703-493-8031
Fairfax Station, Virginia